victoria plating co.


Victoria Plating Company was established in 1947 by a German refugee, Mr. Charles Antmann. After World War II, Charles was able to break free of his partners and turn Victoria Baby Carriage into a high volume, high quality finishing facility that has always maintained a dedication to the process that has become the industry standard. Fully automated with state of the art finishing equipment, Victoria Plating Company provides finishing to the "Big Three" automotive companies as well as Mack Trucks Inc., a division of Volvo International.

The management staff has over 150 years of experience providing the quality and service required to compete in the global economy of today. No job is too small nor production run too large for the two fully automatic return type plating machines along with a hand line for custom work. Our personally engineered automatic, semi-automatic and hand polishing department provides pre-finishing on everything from screws to brackets, from escutcheons to tubing. Our top coating facility provides air dry and baked epoxy clear coat finishes.

This family owned and operated company is a one stop resource for all of your finishing needs. We have sister corporations that provide manufacturing of steel, brass, stainless steel and zinc die cast parts as well as mass finishing, burnishing and tumbling. We persist in our pursuit of mutually profitable business relationships with all metal manufacturers and finishers from California to Maine.