The finishes on doorknobs, locks, strickes and handles are very different from typical finishes for fasteners used in the O.E.M. market. The abbreviations in this industry may seem similar to those you've seen in use by other industries, but they are not.

When supplying fasteners in this market segment keep in mind that variation in color, tone, gloss and texture can be very critical even on the lowly screws used to install them.


There can be great differences in the final finish depending on the base material used and how the finish is applied. The BHMA (Builder's Hardware Manufacturing Association) have a system, developed with ANSI to take the guesswork out of what is meant by dark bronze, or satin silver. Be sure to include the BHMA finish code when requesting a quote from your lating & finishing company.

B.H.M.A (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association)

This standard establishes finish test methods and code numbers for finishes on various base materials. It includes criteria for viewing comparative finishes to the BHMA match plates and establishes five categories of finishes. 

Test requirements include: salt spray test; perspiration test; humidity test; abrasion resistance test; and ultraviolet light and condensation test. In addition, finish nomenclature and code numbers are detailed in this standard.