Victoria Plating Company prides itself in providing our industry and our customers with an advanced environmental system and treatment policy that yields the GREEN Model that we can all be proud of. To this end we employ strictly trained, skilled individuals that maintain a Waste Processing Center. The systems that we use are second to none. Our full time Chemist oversees an Environmental Department that has the advantage of using Ion Exchange, Electro-winning and oxidation and reduction systems along with counter flow and counter spray set ups that effectively return all potential waste solutions back to the source bathes subsequently eliminating the need to process heavy metals, acids, cyanide's and other organic compounds. The net result of this process is that Victoria Plating Company has never manifested solid hazardous waste for landfill. We recycle, reclaim and reuse our process water, and then ultra-clean the final discharge for any trace elements which can then be recycled off sight in a certified, licensed waste treatment facility.